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Heal Your Soul

I am a Listener . . .


I listen to people and their lives to understand what both are communicating, and I help each person to understand as well. I listen not only to the voice but to body language and disease symptoms. I listen not only to relationship difficulties but also day-to-day circumstances and reactions. Every aspect of our experience is relaying vital information, but we’ve been taught not to listen, to ignore it, or to interpret it in an impersonal manner. As a result, we often don’t address problems until they are severe. When we do address them, we tend to manhandle or “fix” them based on the assumption that we know what should or shouldn’t be happening. When listening, we put this assumption aside and practice a receptive mindset and open heart as we pay attention to all that comes to us each moment, from inside ourselves and outside. Every day then becomes an exciting adventure in listening and learning.

Turn your illness into a call for growth that you hear and respond to with blossoming results. Transform your relationship difficulty into a reflection of an internal conflict that seeks resolution. Perceive any life challenge as a hurdle to jump over, which can increase your abilities, stamina, and strength. 


When you are ready to hear your soul’s agenda for your life, I can help!

Are you up for the adventure?


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The Awakening Storm

Readers join Redelfs on her evacuation from her New Orleans home as Hurricane Katrina approaches and in the trauma of the ensuing Levee Disaster. In between story lines, they learn about post-traumatic stress disorder in layman’s terms and the stunted psychological development that results from chronic, untreated traumatic experience. Most importantly, readers become practiced in helping to remedy these epidemic conditions – within themselves, within their relationships, and throughout society.

Illness Can Be The Cure

Have you ever wondered if there is a reason for our health challenges, beyond what our doctors tell us? This book shares many ideas based on the premise that our souls are speaking to us through each symptom, sign, and disease process. Our hearts and minds are seeking development, and they express their exact needs through whatever is ailing us. If you or a loved one is suffering from illness, this book is for you!

With Every Addiction, "Infants" Are Trying to Meet Their Needs

In this book, Anne explains that developmental arrest of the human heart and mind is the core of addiction. When dependent infants are not given what they need to grow psychologically, they may learn to depend on what they are given. When bonding with the consistent presence of a loving adult is not possible, they bond with what is present, which may be drugs, sex, money, computers, and so on. This book is a vital tool for anyone struggling with an addiction or with an addict, as well as those who counsel them. Coming soon!