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I listen to people and their lives to understand what both are communicating, and I help each person to understand as well. I listen not only to the voice but to body language and disease symptoms. I listen not only to relationship difficulties but also day-to-day circumstances and reactions. Every aspect of our experience is relaying vital information, but we’ve been taught not to listen, to ignore it, or to interpret it in an impersonal manner.

As a result, we often don’t address problems until they are severe. When we do address them, we tend to manhandle or “fix” them based on the assumption that we know what should or shouldn’t be happening. When listening, we put this assumption aside and practice a receptive mindset and open heart as we pay attention to all that comes to us each moment, from inside ourselves and outside. Every day then becomes an exciting adventure in listening and learning.

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Where are you

in the development of your heart and mind?

Take this short quiz:

Now that you know your

stage of development

Please read about your developmental stage.

Getting mature professional help

is the quickest way to hasten

psychological growth!

When you've discovered your current stage of development, please share this questionnaire with your family and friends. Once you discover where they stand in their development, come up with a plan to mutually help one another grow. And let me know if I can help!

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Anne Redelfs is a retired psychiatrist who has been studying human beings for as far back as she can remember. She grew up in a small mill town, Beaver, in Western Pennsylvania. She was valedictorian of her high school class. She graduated magna cum laud with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Duke University. She has a medical degree from Tulane University, where she completed two years of residency in pediatrics and three years in psychiatry at Tulane-affiliated hospitals. She considers life her greatest teacher to whom she listens throughout each day.

Anne’s employment experience has varied greatly, ranging from working as a laborer in a steel mill to private practice in psychiatry. Her hobbies include environmental activism, cooking, and herb, vegetable, and butterfly gardening, She has been involved with Toastmasters for over 11 years. .

Disgruntled by the excessive use of drugs on the mentally ill, Anne retired from psychiatry and pursued independent studies in developmental psychology. Through prayer and meditation, she has created a new method of assessment and healing based on normal human development and the traumatic experiences that so often stunt, divert, or reverse this natural course.

After twenty-six years, numerous temporary evacuations, and the Gulf Oil Catastrophe, Anne left New Orleans, the opening setting of her book, The Awakening Storm. She currently resides in Texarkana, Texas where she practices her ministry of developmental healing. She also gives interactive talks about the extraordinary benefits of mutually growing our hearts and minds.



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Today many of us are addicts......to food,  alcohol, sex, gambling and you name it.  The medical establishment drops the ball just drugging us more and rarely trying to discover what led to our problems.    Most don't really know us at all.  Dr.  Redelfs 's book is a heartfelt perspective of what causes addiction.  Are we all just trying to block out forgotten childhood traumas?  Read it!  She may just be talking to you! With Every Addiction, 'Infants' Are Trying to Meet Their Needs

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I gained a passion for human development through assessing children during two years of pediatrics residency after finishing medical school. Working with abused and neglected kids, I could see unmistakably the impact of trauma on growing minds and hearts. Here I’m talking about the emotional heart, which deeply feels the pain when our needs are not met – not just physical needs, but emotional, mental, and spiritual needs as well.

I switched to psychiatry, continuing my developmental perspective with the “mentally ill.” In each symptom or behavioral challenge of these adults, I could hear the inner child relaying the truth of his or her traumatic life and the effects, which included delayed development. Wanting to inspire people to hear and help this wounded child in themselves and others, I began writing. As a Toastmaster of over ten years, I enjoy public speaking too. I also love assisting people in discovering what is holding back their development and working it through, so they can go on to fulfill their destinies. When we don’t choose to fulfill our destinies, an injury, illness, storm, or disaster may just come our way, reminding us why we are here…

Why not help others know why they are here with a gift of a listening session? Please call or email me to arrange this from-the-heart personal gift: 903-306-5286

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