Getting Mature Professional Help Is the Quickest Way to Hasten Your Psychological Growth!

Please download the information about differentiating the mature therapist or counselor from one who is stuck in psychological infancy. Remember, people cannot effectively guide you where they have not gone themselves. They cannot help you process and surmount your own trauma when they are in denial about the degree and consequences of their own. The most important quality to look for in potential guides is not an academic credential, an impressive title, or financial success–it’s steadfast pursuit of their own developmental healing!

Now That You Know Your Stage of Development, What Does It Mean?

We get stuck in young stages of development when our human needs are chronically abused and neglected. This abuse and neglect is traumatic, particularly when we are young! Unfortunately, we can get accustomed to this abuse and neglect, choosing it again and again for ourselves and passing it on to others. Please read about your developmental stage and what you need to do to move on with your growth.

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