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Why do I need to listen to my soul and spirit?

They know you better than anyone. Most of us presume to know who we are and what we want and don’t want. What we actually “know” is our environmental programming and conditioning. This is like a small child watching commercials on television and reaching for items in stores for which he or she has seen the ads. We often live our lives like that, automatically reaching for what our environments have taught us is “good” and avoiding what our environments have taught us is “bad.” We live more like approach-avoidance machines than deeply sensitive and full-heartedly responsive humans.

Aren’t we hard-wired to naturally approach what is good and avoid what is bad?

Just like business owners use commercials to entice people to buy what they don’t need or want, we are so often maneuvered by what people say is “good” and “bad.” When we ignore our souls and spirit, we can’t discern what is best for us or anyone. We may waste years of our lives with distractions, while others selfishly profit from our ignorance.

Don’t I have a right to do what I want to do?

Again, I find what most people want to do is what they are accustomed to doing or what they’ve been manipulated to do, rather than doing what they really want at a soul level. They are ever-attempting to meet false needs rather than their true needs, so they stay stuck at a young developmental age, psychologically speaking.

What’s wrong with staying at a young developmental age throughout life?

The greatest problem I see is that the younger we are in our psychological development, the easier we are to take advantage of. Malicious people use and abuse us and our loved ones, and we don’t even notice. For example, we don’t have the ability to see where people are in their development, so we leave our children in the care of those who hurt them. When these vulnerable kids begin to show the effects of their trauma, we blame them for their misbehavior or we medicate their “symptoms of mental illness,” compounding their trauma!

Isn't trauma just part of life?

Yes, every life has trauma. But a healthy parent shields his or her children from the traumas that would stunt their development. He or she allows trauma that would accelerate their psychological growth. In contrast, an unhealthy parent allows his or her kids to be routinely abused and neglected. He or she “protects” them from "potentially hurtful" experiences that would be growth enhancing!

Why doesn’t my soul heal faster?

Since we’re used to a pill quickly taking away our symptoms, most people don’t understand that human development takes time. Expecting the symptoms to go away quickly can be like taking your preschooler to a depth psychology practitioner and wondering why, after a hand-full of sessions, she isn’t doing college calculus. Just as physical development takes a while, so does psychological development. The sooner you give your soul and spirit your attention, and the more effort you put into following their instructions, the sooner you will arrive at maturity and all the many blessings that entails.