How Old Is Your Soul?

Please answer the questions honestly, but quickly. Choose the answer that best describes your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors consistently over time. Or, if you feel torn between two answers, circle both and average the two number values when you score them at the end of the quiz.

A. How do you listen to people’s personal sharing?
1) I pause until they are done talking and then I say what I want to say.
2) I don’t pay much attention to the content of their words, but I do notice their tone of voice and gestures.
3) I sense their feelings and attempt to respond to their emotional needs.
4) I hear souls communicating their true life story and what they need to fulfill their destiny. I also hear souls extending the help I need to process and surmount my own individual life story.
5) I hear spiritual communication, no matter who appears to be talking.

B. When there is a problem:
1) By experiencing God everywhere, I solve it.
2) I try to understand why the problem is in my life and what I can do to solve it. If I don’t know, I seek God/Higher Guidance for answers.
3) I use past experience to resolve the problem. If it doesn’t work or I don’t know how to resolve it, I consult someone who does.
4) Why do you want to bring up problems all the time? Why can’t you just be happy?
5) What did you do wrong?

C. A psychologically healthy person is:
1) Someone who has never seen a mental health professional
2) Someone who stays upbeat and light-hearted.
3) Someone who enjoys life and tries to make a contribution.
4) Someone who is working on their psychological issues and making this a priority.
5) Someone who has found their spiritual nature and is allowing this to take over every aspect of their lives.

D. Employment is a means for:
1) Making money!
2) Gaining recognition in the community and making money!
3) Meeting your financial needs by working in an area of interest.
4) Meeting professional and personal goals.
5) Human development and psychological healing.

E. Playtime
1) Is what I seek to maximize while minimizing any workload.
2) I seem to have two modes of functioning: I’m either a hard worker or a couch potato.
3) Is the reward at the end of the productive workday and workweek.
4) Is whenever I sense that I or a loved one needs it.
5) Is no different than working, my enjoyment is the same.

F. What do you tend to prioritize in your interactions with people?
1) The Presence of God pouring through.
2) I notice the entire scene and how it’s reflecting something within my mind, as well as the minds of everyone involved.
3) Their emotional states and what I can do to engage and support them emotionally.
4) Their physical presence – body appearance and body language
5) I focus on the positive, which includes putting myself in a positive light!

G. Emotions:
1) are, like everything else, a means to know Our Creator and ourselves.
2) are what key us into what is going on around us and within us. Their presence and full range of expression can be life-saving!
3) are best expressed physically – through action.
4) can be positive or negative. We enjoy the positive ones and do our best to control the negative.
5) a sign of weakness in those who have no self-control.

H. Other than your work, how active are you outside your home?
1) I’m a fixture either at work or home. I only reluctantly venture out of my routine when someone absolutely insists.
2) I prefer staying at work or at home, but if someone invites me out, I consider it.
3) I regularly explore the outside world and enjoy what it has to offer.
4) Helping people in the community is important to me, not just with physical needs, but emotional needs too.
5) I live to serve humanity as divinely guided.

I. Spirituality is:
1) A crutch for those who need outside support.
2) Following the rules and roles which “God” decrees.
3) Being loyal to your place of worship and those in leadership there.
4) A path of growth. Devout members of a faith seek to help one another grow in every aspect of life.
5) Prayerfully employing each moment in life as a means to further heaven on earth.

J. Those acting out the tenets of Satanism are a serious problem in our nation and world.
1) Yes, we’re going to have ever-increasing traumas, individually and collectively, until more people are willing to make the unconscious conscious.
2) Yes, it breaks my heart to see so many people being victimized and suffering from their traumas and having no idea what is wrong.
3) All civilizations crash sooner or later, we can always move somewhere safer.
4) Let me tell you about some really serious problems…
5) Everyone knows that Satanism doesn’t exist!

K. When something or someone isn’t working for me:
1) I meditate on or pray about what this might be mirroring inside my soul, then I respond as Divinely Guided.
2) I share how I feel with the people involved and try to understand what may be going on in their lives.
3) I explain what isn’t working and how this can be remedied.
4) I try to make them do what I want, but if they refuse, I try to get rid of them.
5) I get rid of them as fast as possible!

L. Who are you?
1) None of your business!
2) Of course, no one is perfect, but I can tell you in great detail what a wonderful person I am…
3) I am a unique individual body with many talents and interests who seeks similar types as friends and associates.
4) I am just getting to know myself, so maybe I can answer your question later.
5) I am an expression of Divine Communication, and this Divine Communication is the true nature of everyone.

M. Marriage is:
1) Hell!
2) The union of a man and a woman, each of whom has a separate role to play. Marriage can be heavenly if each person would just stick to their assigned roles!
3) Companionship – someone who meets your expressed needs and is at your side through thick and thin.
4) A relationship of equal standing with intimate sharing of hearts, tender feelings, and deepest longings.
5) Having a partner who can play all characters and all roles, from acting out the traumas of your past that still need to be resolved to showing you who you are becoming as a unique expression of Divine Creation.

N. Parenting is a matter of:
1) Making your kids do exactly what you want, with severe consequence for disobedience.
2) Rewarding good behavior and punishing bad behavior, while following the advice of those in positions of authority.
3) Responsibly caring for your children’s needs as defined by your culture.
4) Knowing your children’s unique personalities, understanding the emotions that are expressed in all behaviors, and relating at this deep psychological level.
5) Experiencing your offspring as Children of God and prayerfully guiding them into living from this true identity.

O. How active are you in exploring your inner world, your psychology or soul?
1) What do you mean?
2) If I ever have a serious problem, I might be willing to do that.
3) When I have a serious problem, I’ll do that.
4) I have serious problems, I do that daily.
5) You’re implying there’s an outer world?

P. Health:
1) Is a reflection of our consciousness. We draw ill health conditions to us when we need to further our human development in some way.
2) Psychological problems are a significant component of ill health – a person’s thoughts and feelings need to be addressed for real healing to occur.
3) Is determined by genetics and lifestyle. The best treatments for Ill-health are tangible.
4) Is a matter of chance. Some people have good luck, and others have bad luck.
5) Try as we might, we can slow down or speed up but never truly alter our fate in this world.

Q. The path of human development:
1) Is unnecessary. I’m fine just as I am.
2) Is my choice. I pick whom I need and when, where, and how I need them.
3) Is like any field of learning. Those with the most credentials, training, and experience are the best to help me.
4) Is guided by life’s circumstances. My current level of development reflects how much of my life I’ve been willing to admit, listen to, and work with developmentally.
5) Is my life.

When you have finished answering the questions, please add up the exact numbers you chose for A, C, D, E, H, I, L, M, N, O, and Q. With questions B, F, G, J, K, and P, score in the reverse manner (1=5, 2=4, 3=3, 4=2, 5=1) and add this sum to the other. Once you have your total, divide it by 17.

<1.5 = Mineral Stage
1.5 – <2.5 = Vegetable Stage
2.5 – <3.5 = Animal Stage
3.5 – <4.5 = Child Stage
4.5 – 5 = Stage of Woman

When you’ve discovered your current stage of development, please share this questionnaire with your family and friends. Once you discover where they stand in their development, come up with a plan to mutually help one another grow. And let me know if I can help!

The ultimate or most mature stage of development, the Stage of Man is not a part of this developmental assessment because the Man knows where he is in his development. This stage has nothing to do with gender. There is a Woman and Man within every human being. If we’re not aware of them, we have probably hidden them away in the unconscious mind.

I hope the results of this quiz don’t offend or upset you in any way. Please remember that this assessment is an average, based on the sum of various aspects of your individual identity, both what is conscious to you and unconscious. Know that many cultures don’t prioritize psychological growth, so people don’t grow to the extent that they are capable and often don’t know they are as young as they are, psychologically speaking. Corrupt leaders in all aspects of our society teach what is contrary to human development because the psychologically younger we are, the less we see what they are doing, and the easier we are to manipulate in going along with their greedy and destructive agendas.

Once we understand that we are stuck at a young age, we are more likely to realize and investigate the extent of abuse and neglect that stunted our growth. There are grievous consequences to stunted growth! To name just a few: the younger we are, the less we notice what is going on around us and within us, the easier we are to control, and the less our lives reflect our true nature and whom we were born to be. With understanding, we may be more apt to work through our traumas. We may also be more diligent to deliberately seek out what we need to progress in our human development. Remember, we can only prosper fully when every aspect of our souls is prospering!

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