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You are welcome to have a single 30- or 50-minute listening session at any time, in order to hear your soul speaking through body symptoms, psychological issues, relationship difficulties, or any other life problem. I work on a sliding scale to fit comfortably into your budget.

You will learn to use your life’s difficulties and outright traumas as tools to build you up. I am talking about building up your true nature, not the false self or ego that the world has fooled us into believing is our nature. Our tendencies to deny our traumas in the protection of this false self often results in our re-creating these traumas or avoiding what reminds us of them. We can live more like approach/avoidance machines rather than thoughtful, heartfelt human beings.

You will discover how trauma caused the creation of this mechanical false self and how you can shift your loyalty back to whom you were born to be. Whether our traumas are from childhood abuse and neglect, the problems caused by our delayed development, or any of the other numerous troubles that come along in a typical human journey, there is a potentially life-enhancing message in each one.

How to choose which package is best for you:

If your true self is compelling you to evolve, consider the Growing Into Greatness or Pursue Your Purpose package.

If the false self is attacking you: when hostility is coming from outside you, whether from your spouse or other family member, your boss, or some nasty person in the community, pick Activism as a Path of Ascension

If the false self is attacking from inside you: whether expressing itself with physical or mental illness or frequent accidents and injuries, select Soul Talk

Soul Talk: Listening Essentials for the Body Talk of Middle Age

Are your body symptoms interfering with your productivity and enjoyment of life? Would you like to understand the soul reasons for why this is happening and how you might improve your situation?

You are not alone. Many people between the ages of 45-65 experience pain and suffering regularly. Even if there is a known disease process, there can be psychological contributing factors, such as stress, unresolved traumatic events, and unexpressed emotions and thoughts. Your soul is likely urging you to take your healing efforts to a deeper level.

Through my “Soul Talk Program,” I help middle-aged people listen to the soul communications in their symptoms and disease processes. Together, we respond to these intelligent, loving calls for healing body, heart, and mind. Included in this package are:

(3) 50-minute listening sessions

Telephone and e-mail exchanges as needed in between sessions

A copy of Illness Can Be the Cure

Worksheets to assist you in hearing body and soul

A half hour follow-up session.


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Activism as a Path of Ascension

Standing up to corruption in our communities can range from difficult to dangerous. We have to know what we’re up against, not just politically and historically, but psychologically. To maximize our success, we need to be standing in our own inner strength and hearing the guidance of our souls and Spirit.

In this package, you will receive

A copy of the workbook, “With Every Addiction, “Infants” Are Trying to Meet Their Needs.” (Those perpetrating corruption are usually stuck in psychological infancy, if not younger, as are their supporters. This book will help you understand who you are dealing with, psychologically speaking, and how to reach them.)

5 50 minute listening sessions

A developmental assessment of where you are in your psychological development. You will also learn how you can employ your activism to progress in your own human development.


Growing Into Greatness

So many of our life’s problems are pointing to where we are blocked in our human development. When used effectively, they can instead encourage our growth. I will help you to hear these calls for growth and take the necessary steps to progress on your developmental path.

In this package, you will receive an assessment of where you or a loved one appear to be stuck along the psychological journey of maturation. You will learn about this journey and what you can do to facilitate progress.

(5) 50-minute listening sessions

Brief telephone and e-mail exchanges as needed in between sessions

A copy of The Awakening Storm

A 50-minute follow-up session


growing into greatness
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pursue your purpose

Pursue Your Purpose

Do you feel like your life lacks purpose? Are you tired of wandering from job to job or from relationship to relationship experiencing little satisfaction? Does it feel like you’re watching your life on a life-sized TV screen, and you’re powerless to change the channel? Stop letting life pass you by!

We each have an important mission to fulfill, and everyone in our life is dependent on us to fulfill this mission. However, often the biggest obstacle to achieving this life goal is our selves.

Would you like to have a clear picture of your purpose? Do you desire an understanding of what you are doing to distract you from your destiny? Do you want help in hearing the daily guidance that is coming to you, urging you toward this worthy goal?.

(6) 50-minute discovery sessions

Telephone and e-mail exchanges

A worksheet with exercises to pursue

A half hour follow-up session


Appointment lengths and times are flexible, as the need arises. If you prefer more sessions of shorter length or fewer sessions of longer duration, that’s fine. If for any reason, you decide to cancel the package after the first session, you will receive a full refund.