Illness Can Be the Cure (Softcover)


This workbook guides you into hearing the soul that expresses its needs through every symptom and disease process.




Have you ever wondered if there is a reason for our health challenges, beyond what our doctors tell us? This book shares many ideas based on the premise that our souls are speaking to us through each symptom, sign, and disease process. Our hearts and minds are seeking development, and they express their exact needs through whatever is ailing us. If you or a loved one is suffering from illness, this book is for you!

Softcover, 40 pages.

Special offer! – Purchase includes free 30-minute listening session with Anne Redelfs.




 A fascinating read with surprising results!

I would have never thought of communicating with our souls to find the cure of what ails our body. Yet author Anne Redelfs, retired medical doctor, shares her experiences and insights making a strong case showing our souls know and will communicate the actual cause and cure.

A fascinating read that may provide medical relief and certainly seems worth looking into!

An introspective look at our psychological bodies and how we can apply this to our health! Highly recommended!

Dr. Anne Redelfs takes a deep look into a new thought concept – what if we, when battling illness, took a look at our soul, our psychological body, to help cure what ails us? What if we could examine life’s challenges and traumas and deal with them before they affect our physical health? There is so much wisdom in this book. In our current times when we search for ways to have a healthy body-mind connection, this book is a must for everyone’s collection. Don’t miss it!


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