If you are looking for an entertaining speaker to give your audience a hearty laugh and help them feel better about the dire circumstances currently confronting our nation and world, you may skip this page. However, if you are concerned about the escalating problems and want to be part of the solution...

if you are annoyed at the failure of those holding authority positions to remedy these problems...

and, if you are eager for more people to be made aware of the enormity of the issues and willing to help in any way they can, then please read the following public speaking topics. Consider gathering a group of people together, whether a community action club, a church group, or just a bunch of friends and family who need this information. I can speak in person, online, or using a speakerphone.

Understanding and Overcoming Trauma

We have all had trauma. What separates us is how much, what kind, and how we deal with it. Most of us don’t recognize all the long-term effects of trauma because we’ve been taught to call them something else: genetic inheritance, biochemical abnormalities, physical and mental illness, God-given personality traits, and so on. When we are psychologically young, we pretend the trauma didn’t happen or didn’t hurt. The more we mature, however, the more we admit to each ordeal. And, we’re willing to learn how to work through our injuries and use our trauma to develop the hearts and minds of us all. Trauma can be a great motivator for growth!


Listening to our lives

Our body symptoms, psychological issues, relationship difficulties, and unanticipated events have vital information for us. When we hear their messages, they are no longer “problems” but invitations to progress on our life’s journey. In fact, we can see the circumstances themselves as exactly what we need to progress. Are we listening?

Symptoms Speak!

When we’re not listening to our lives, difficulties often come our way to alert us to our need for improvements. Each symptom and disease process is not just a wakeup call, but a specific message about what needs adjusting. Diagnostic procedures and treatments can also be instructions for positive change. When we hear our souls, healing can be a transformative experience!

Developmental psychology

Growth does not stop with physical maturity. Most “adults” still have many areas of their lives where they function more like children (their priority is having a good time) or even infants (they seek comfort and avoid pain). In contrast, true adults pursue whatever will further the development of everyone involved in any situation. When we operate more like children or infants, our lives are much less than what they could be and far more problematic. There is another way . . .

Human Dependency

Dependency is a trait of infancy. When physical adults are addicted to anything, whether sweets, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, or shopping, their inner infants are running them. These young members of our internal psychological families are imitating caregivers from the past who did not meet their genuine needs but gave them a substitute instead. Healing addiction requires meeting these still unfulfilled human needs.


The Road to Recovery

The path of healing and maturation is ever before us, but we so often don’t see it or recognize it for what it is. Learning to perceive this path and steadfastly follow it is essential for our souls' progression. Yes, contrary to popular belief, we are all here to evolve ourselves, both individually and collectively!