Dear Dr. Redelfs,

I just want to thank you for really hitting the nail on the head with my recent physical problem. We forget that a lot of our ills begin in our minds.

It started the other morning when I woke up and realized that my right wrist and hand were swollen and stiff and aching. I had no symptoms the night before. At first, I wondered if I had twisted the wrist during sleep. The hand got worse as the day progressed. It was red and throbbing, so, I contacted you. You asked me questions and then said that inflammation can be caused by unexpressed anger and then asked what I was angry about. I thought and then said that life was pretty good right now……but then I thought, but wait, today is my ex-husbands birthday. This is a man who sexually abused his children as well as having many infidelities while traveling for his job. Yes, even after being divorced for many years, I was still ANGRY!

You advised me to acknowledge the anger and gave me some tips to deal with it. Within a day, the pain disappeared as well as the swelling. There is still a bit of stiffness in my wrist but I know that too will heal. Thank you again for listening and helping me. May you continue to help people to heal their hearts as well as their heads.

Margaret J.

I want to thank you so much for the Reiki treatment and listening session you gave me today, as I came to you with a terrible tooth ache that pain killers did not help.  As skeptical as I am I want you to know you helped me better than a dentist would have and now I am a believer, how does this work I  don’t know, but what I do know is that it works !. Not only the pain went away but I got a new direction in my life.

Thank you again for your help, I hope that others take a leap of faith like I did and come to you for healing.Dr. Redelfs,


I didn’t know what to expect going into my listening session with Anne Redelfs. Admittedly, I found it odd that there was no preparation required on my part, and I was a little skeptical. Anne opened our session with prayer and she began “listening”. I was immediately startled by her replay of each thought or impression I spoke. As she repeated my sentiments and mimicked my tone I overheard myself saying just what I needed to hear. It was as if Anne became the megaphone I needed to amplify what Father God was already communicating to me. I often hear God through prayer, meditation, His Word, and wise council. My session with Anne helped me quiet my soul so I could hear Him in a new way. Bravo, Anne! Keep up the great work. This is a much needed practice in today’s noisy world.(

Kristen Clark, Award-winning author, speaker, and confidence coach

I had been very fatigued for months. I lacked energy to function and laid in bed much of the time. Anne suggested that holding my true feelings back was draining me. She gave me permission to constructively express my anger when it was appropriate. The next day, I received a phone call from my narcissistic brother. Once again I shared with him how debilitated I felt. As usual, he gave me a lecture and criticized me for becoming so lethargic. However, my response to him this time was different. Instead of passively accepting his critical comments and suppressing my feelings, I allowed myself to feel the full force of my anger toward his insensitive remarks. Immediately, I wrote an email to him expressing my anger about his criticisms. To my surprise, I felt a surge of energy that propelled me into functioning more effectively than I had in months. This showed me that suppressed anger had been the culprit of my fatigue, depression, and lethargy. My emotional breakthrough came when I realized for myself what I had heard before: emotions are “energy in motion”, thus the name e-motion. To stop this flow takes a lot of energy, which is released when I allow my true self to emerge.

Anna Christo, contributing author to the book, Becoming Women of Worth: Stories of Trauma to Triumph